Rotary Hand Pumps Series

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Rotary Hand Pumps
Fill-Rite's hand pumps are tough, reliable, and long lasting, ideal for low volume transfer of a variety of fluids from drums and barrels. Made in the USA.

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Rotary Hand Pump, No Accessories
Rotary Hand Pump, Hose, and Suction Pipe Included
Rotary Hand Pump with Gallon Counter, Hose, and Suction Pipe Included
Rotary Hand Pump with Litre Counter, Hose, and Suction Pipe Included
Rotary Hand Pump, Spout, and Suction Pipe Included
Standard Duty Rotary Hand Pump

Fill-Rite rotary handpumps are designed using cast aluminum to withstand the most rugged environments. Developed to produce 10 gallons per 100 rotations ensures steady fluid transfer without access to power. Built-in check valve ensures flow only when you need it. Included strainer keeps the fluid you are pumping free of large contaminants. Rotary handpumps are UL listed and developed for gasoline, diesel, heptane, kerosene, light oils, and mineral spirits. Ideal for agriculture, construction, industrial, and automotive applications where low volume transfer is needed.