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The FMS Series is a fuel management system that combines simple hardware, an intuitive mobile app, and a full-feature web portal for real-time security and control over fuel.

The NXFMPED is a heavy-duty steel pedestal used for house the Fill-Rite FMS system. The system includes FMPED, FMIPAD, and FMXENC for a complete install ready solution for pump authorization and control.

  • Steel Construction – engineered with 14-gauge steel and a powder-coated exterior for years of high performance in the toughest applications
  • Convenient for Drivers- pair with large aboveground storage tanks in high-volume operations for a convenient access point to the Fill-Rite FMS system
  • All Weather- included heater that activates at 45 °F and Fan that activates at 80 degrees °F
  • Alternative to Cell Phones- if you don't want your drivers accessing their cell phones to work the Fill-Rite FMS during the workday, this is a centralized, single-access-point alternative to accomplish the same task

You work through all kinds of conditions, so why shouldn’t your fuel transfer pump? For over 60 years, Fill-Rite has set the standard for reliable fuel transfer pumps, meters, and accessories. Our customers recognize Fill-Rite for its durability and years of elite performance in the field. Proudly made in the USA with global materials, Fill-Rite equipment is constructed with heavy-duty materials to withstand rugged everyday use, extreme weather exposure, and both on and off-road applications. Fill-Rite is supported by a wide network of distributors and retailers, ensuring you will always be able to find replacement parts and rebuild kits for your fuel transfer equipment.

Cable Connection Bare Leads
Gross Weight (lbs.) 50.000 lbs