Fill-Rite Nozzles Meet New UL Standards

The new UL standards for fuel nozzles require one of two things: a no pressure, no flow feature, or the removal of any latching device. Either of these changes prevents a nozzle from operating before the pump is turned on. All UL listed nozzles manufactured after April 30th, 2015 must conform to this new standard.

Fill-Rite® offers industry leading nozzles that meet the new UL requirements by adding the no pressure, no flow feature to our nozzles. We feel this is the standard our customers expect and the level of quality and convenience we want to provide. 

The form, fit and function differences of the new and improved nozzles.



Visual Cues

The pre-pay cap safety feature that prevents the poppet from opening unless there is pressure in the system is visible under the cover in the new nozzles. You will see a slight bump on the top of the nozzle. This is the only visual difference in the nozzles.

A New Feel

When there is pressure in the system, there is no difference in feel and function between the new and existing nozzles. With no pressure in the system, the handle will pull freely with little or no resistance. It will feel as if it is not connected internally and some may make the assumption that it is broken. It is not.

Assure your customers that the nozzle is functioning properly. There is no resistance because the poppet does not open without pressure in the system. It is a simple, safe design that prevents accidental fuel discharge. Even if the handle on the new nozzle is locked open when the pump is started, fuel will not flow until the handle has been closed to reset the poppet.

Improved Diaphragms

Safety isn't the only consideration behind our new nozzles. We have changed the elastomers in the wetted areas of the nozzles to increase compatibility with a wider range of biodiesel and ethanol blended fuels. This versatility means that as newer fuels are developed, it is less likely that you will have to carry additional SKU's for compatibility.


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