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Fill-Rite® 12 and 24 Volt pumps offer all cast iron construction, and offer flow rates and configurations suitable for both portable and stationary systems. With low amp draw, thermal overload protection and a full range of hose, nozzle and flow meter options, this series of DC pumps deliver durability and performance suitable for both private and commercial facilities.
Fill-Rite® AC pumps are heavy duty design with all cast iron construction, thermal protection and a wide range of flow rates to support both standard and high flow systems. Whether fueling construction or mining equipment, or tractors and combines, the quality and durability of our AC pumps provide quick fueling and dependability you can only achieve with Fill-Rite.
Tuthill electric diaphragm pumps offer proven technology that combines the strengths of diaphragm (membrane) pumps with the convenience, portability and efficiency of an electric motor. This combination uses less power than other conventional chemical pumps for maximum efficiency. Our unique design improves fluid handling capabilities with low liquid shearing. It handles solids up to 2,5 mm and operates with indefinite dry run capabilities. These features make this the ideal waste oil, heavy lubricant and hydraulic fluid transfer pump.
Sotera Professional Series Rotary Vane pumps are perfect for AdBlue transfer pumping applications. Stainless steel construction and Viton® seals ensure clean, dependable handling of AdBlue products with a durable, long-lasting pump performance. Complete your pump package with our easy-to-use accessories - all the parts you need to quickly and efficiently dispense AdBlue products.
Tough. Reliable. Long-Lasting. Fill-Rite hand pumps deliver fluids quickly and easily. Whether you're transferring gasoline, oil, or diesel, select from a variety of Fill-Rite hand pumps. You'll appreciate the trouble-free performance of these rugged models.
Fill-Rite's line of mechanical flow meters are designed to meet the stringent demands of customers who need to monitor fuel usage accurately and dependably. Rugged construction, easy to read numbers, and the flexibility of horizontal or vertical positioning are just three features of these superior meters. Plus, all can be field calibrated for the utmost accuracy.
The 900DP Meter - With a pulser and intrinsically safe barrier included, the 900DP is the ultimate in convenience. It saves you the time and trouble of sourcing a compatible barrier to provide intrinsically safe operation in eqplosive or combustible atmosphere installations. All Fill-Rite positive displacement nutating disc meters are ideal for inline use, or mounting to one of our rotary vane or diaphragm pumps. The rugged corrosion-resistant construction, provides a durable product for the most demanding applications. Our digital meters are easy to calibrate and allow for simple selection of metering units. Incredilbe utility, strong visual clarity and amazing accuracy are standard features on every Fill-Rite digital meter.
Fill-Rite offers an extensive range of positive displacement meters based on the oval gear operating principle. Available in TM Series (industrial service and TS Series (with custody transfer certification), these meters are suitable for use on refined fuels, heavy oils, glycols, lubricating oils and other petrochemicals. Fill-Rite oval gear flow meters have non-metallic rotors that elimnate metal-to-metal contact in the measuring chamber. The patented oval gear design allows samller internal clearances resulting in more accurate metering. Oval gear flow meters are less sensitive to viscosity variations, are designed for high-pressure service and maintain accuracy despite system pressure fluctuations. Meters with mechanical register have a single dynamic seal, while electronic flow meters have static seals only. These meters can be serviced in place, often in 20-minutes or less.
Fill-Rite’s line of cabinet pumps and meters provide a fuel dispensing solution for virtually every application. The Fill-Rite® legacy of rugged durability and pride in workmanship are clearly evident in this line.
nextec Intelligence™ is an exclusive array of design advancements, technologies and user functionalities that take pump performance to unprecedented levels. Intelligent Tones™ inform when attention is needed. A variable speed motor automatically adjusts for peak performance with improved suction lift. More compact, lighter, and less amp draw - it sets a new standard for efficiency. UL, cUL, CE Listed.
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