** European Catalog **: Precision Meters

TM Series - Electronic
Fill-Rite offers an extensive range of positive displacement meters based on the oval gear operating principle. Available in TM Series (industrial service and TS Series (with custody transfer certification), these meters are suitable for use on refined fuels, heavy oils, glycols, lubricating oils and other petrochemicals. Fill-Rite oval gear flow meters have non-metallic rotors that elimnate metal-to-metal contact in the measuring chamber. The patented oval gear design allows samller internal clearances resulting in more accurate metering. Oval gear flow meters are less sensitive to viscosity variations, are designed for high-pressure service and maintain accuracy despite system pressure fluctuations. Meters with mechanical register have a single dynamic seal, while electronic flow meters have static seals only. These meters can be serviced in place, often in 20-minutes or less.