Precision Flow Meters: Digital Register - Aluminum Meter

Fuel Sentry Systems
  • Scalable system to accommodate wide range of flows
  • Mix input and output meter sizes
  • Multiple systems in parallel
TM Aluminum Electronic Meter
TS Aluminum Electronic Meter
Electronic Bulk/Tank Truck Meter for LPG
  • 15 - 100 GPM
  • 350 PSI at 100°F
  • Bolted companion flanges with 2" NPT port standard
Fill-Rite Precision Meters incorporate oval gear technology, eliminating metal-to-metal contact within the measuring chamber. This unique design promotes minimal wear, sustained accuracy, and low operating costs.

When measuring the flow of a broad range of products, Fill-Rite's innovative meter design results in minimal resistance to flow and the ability to operate on pump pressure or gravity feed. That means efficient performance and low pressure drop across the meter. Fill-Rite's combination of low pressure drop with minimum seal or slippage area offers better accuracy over a wide range of flow than other commercially produced meters.

Simplicity in design and high-quality materials and manufacturing practices make Fill-Rite meters more reliable and less costly to operate than other meters. In many cases, you can replace your existing meter with a Fill-Rite meter with minimal disruption to system piping or components.

Applications •Truck metering •Bulk Plant/Terminal metering •Industrial Liquids •Industrial Process metering •Dispenser metering

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